Hello, I am Kevin O’Connor,

Owner of ADoré, I create and manufacture the glass blown bow ties.

I am a French Glassblower and I have been blowing glass for the past 15 years In 2003 I graduated from an Art degree option glassblowing at the French National glass school, I soon started to work in glass studios to learn, understand, improve, the basic skills of glassblowing. By a traditional way at first, in the purpose to be the most as possible independent in my work for the next steps of my career…

After some years past in different studios in France, I started to work with an American glass artist in Washington state USA, and push farther my vision of the glass making process.. In the sametime, I found the opportunity to work in Denmark and in the Scandinavian countries to get closer to an artistic current that I looked for in the development of my personal work. The years in different studios working on different productions and creations helped me a lot to build some strong skills and prepared me to shape my own identity with the material Starting as an independent artist, I am now sharing the responsibility of Hett glass studio in Lillehammer Norway, along with two other glass artist To follow my passion for the glass and bring my work to his next steps.

Our vision is to follow our increase by our produce’s growth in the commercial areas connected with fashion, we look after galvanize a complete range of different services every day through our website, the monitoring of collections, an easier purchase, the promptness in the dates of the deliveries, together with the after-sales service.

We commit to showing demands as regards ethics, aesthetics and originality.

We design, produce and sell bow ties in blown glass. Our duty is to create a relevant connection between art and fashion crafts, having to make an high-quality precious item.

 All our collections are limited, intimate and sometimes symbolic with lifetime’s memorable events.